Julie and Danny have been making music together for close to 14 years on and off.  In 2016 Danny asked julie to join his band Renegade.  And then in early 2020, Julie and Danny decided to take the next step and break out on their own as a duo. They released their first single Me and You and made the top 100 in the CBC Searchlight contest in 2021. 

The response has been overwhelming!  This year has been full of great shows with sold out crowds. They also just released their debut full length album Dreams and received a total of 4 Music PEI Awards nominations for their work on their album

Julie has an extensive background as a bluegrass artist.  She was part of the group 2 plus 3 and toured the bluegrass circuit. She brings her great lead vocals and awesome harmonies into the fold along with her love of bluegrass, country, and pop music, which comes to life in the songs she writes. She released her debut album called Broken Strings in 2012

Danny has been playing guitar since we was 13.  He has played with bands and artist throughout PEI.  With numerous Music PEI nominations under his belt, he has been a staple in the PEI music scene.  He has been writing from personal experience and wanting to share his stories.  He released his first album It’s Been a Long Week in 2017 and released an EP in 2020 called Half a Pack from Friday.


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